Our Motto
"He who makes Wine, creates Good"

"Qui vinum facit bonum gignit". He who makes Wine, creates Good: this is the motto of Maison M.De Ligny. This saying is the link between our wine house’s vocation – to create fine wines and provide immense pleasure to those who drink them - and Marguerite de Bourgogne, a historical figure who left her mark on the history of Ligny-le-Chatel through her kindness and generosity.
The daughter of Duke Eudes of Burgundy, Marguerite de Bourgogne (1250-1308) was the wife of Charles I of Anjou (brother of St. Louis).

On the death of her husband, she retired to her family’s lands in Ligny, and then in Tonnerre, widowed and childless. To compensate for her years at Court, she led a life of charity and prayer, committing herself to the care of the sick and poor when she returned to Burgundy. The house known as “de la Reine de Sicile” (of the Queen of Sicily), where she lived intermittently, still stands in our village today.

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