Our heritage
a thousand years of history

The epic tale of Burgundy wines really began in 1114 with the founding of the "second Cistercian daughter", the famous abbey of Pontigny, a few kilometers from Chablis and our company’s winery. To meet their needs, the Cistercian monks very quickly developed the Chablis vineyards. Under their influence and over the centuries, wine growing spread throughout Burgundy. The monks, followed by the wine growers, drew up a precise cartography of the soils.

They will also built up specific wine growing and winemaking knowhow, making the wines of Burgundy unlike any others. We are the proud heirs of these pioneers and in our turn perpetuate this unique history.
The celebrated terroirs and “Climats” of Burgundy are listed as UNESCO world heritage, protecting our magnificent wine region and ensuring it has even greater worldwide fame.

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